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Print cheap books – good quality at Vprint Pack

At Vprint Pack, we specialize in printing all kinds of books: manuals, children’s books, catalogs, portfolio, calendars, planer books, notebooks, notepads, etc.

Print books in bulk

For large-volume orders, Vprint Pack is always ready to meet the schedule, thanks to a system of specialized equipment for producing booklets such as 2-color, 1-color, 1-color Offset printers, Japanese technology, folding machines, 3- side stapling machines, binding machines and a variety of other finished products, …

Printed sheets printed by Offse printing technology . The use of large format industrial machines to print books not only achieves high quality and speed, but also significantly saves customers’ costs.

Currently, Vprint Pack is proud to be a service provider of printing notebooks, calendars for major customers in the US, and some other units in the country.

If you are in need of printing large-volume volume and booklet publications, please come to Vprint Pack to experience our low – cost and high-quality book printing service .

Types of paper commonly used for book printing

  • Couche paper: is a kind of coated paper, has a smooth-surface, sticks to ink and absorbs ink evenly. Couche is a paper suitable for Offset printing with colorful pages and high contrast. Currently, there are 2 types of couche paper: Couche gloss with glossy side and Couche Matt with translucent and smoother surface. Couche paper is a perfect choice when printing: children’s books, catalogs, profiles, brochures, …
  • Fort paper: is uncoated paper, has a rough surface and absorbs ink quickly, very suitable for writing and reading. Fort paper is suitable for low-cost and simple printing products such as instruction manuals, notebooks, planer books, book covers.
  • Ivory paper: High quality paper, hard, light yellow and white. A smooth surface, high gloss; the other face is rough. The paper is the first choice to print the book cover , the cover notebooks, invitations , ….
  • Bristol paper: The most common paper used for printing book covers today. Bristol is not coated with a fully rolled surface, this paper is quite hard and heavy.
  • Duplex: Almost like Bristol, but only one side is smooth, the other is gray. Duplex paper is used as an inner cover for notebooks with an external leather cover, etc.