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Paper box packaging is one of the eco-friendly packaging design trends, which is being favored by business and production units.

Why choose paper packaging?

Packaging has long been the face of a brand. In addition to internal product quality, product packaging is the first step to make your product impress consumers, and stand out from other products on the shelf.

Today, customers are not only interested in beautiful packaging , but also prefer the trend of green packaging by:

  • Environmental protection: paper is a reusable, eco-friendly product.
  • Safer for health: paper does not contain chemical components that harm human health like plastic products.
  • High creativity : creative packaging designs are mostly done on paper. Depending on the nature of the product and the needs of use, a series of beautiful packaging designs are created to serve the tastes of customers.

Print packaging at Vprint Pack

At Vprint Pack , we provide paper packaging design and printing services using Offset printing.

With the desire to help customers gain competitive position in the market through green packaging products that are professionally designed, eye-catching with high-quality printing.

These days, paper boxes come with variation in shape and design. Vprint Pack is proud to be a professional paper packaging, paper box printing company in Vietnam that providing the producing service of all kinds of paper box: mask boxglove box , fast food box, cosmetics box,… and other special structure boxes.

Paper box packaging

Face Mask Box

Paper box packaging

Glove Box

Paper box packaging

Mooncake Box

Paper box packaging

Paper boxes for cake

Paper box packaging

Paper trays for food

Paper box packaging

Take-away Food Box

Paper box packaging

Technology Product Box