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Paper bags printing on demand

Vprint pack specializes in printing cheap paper bags in Binh Duong on customer’s demand. For medium & large volume orders, the bags are printed with Offset printing technology with high quality in a short time. Therefore, we can bring to our customers beautiful products that meets the strict request of customers.

Low-price High-quality printing with advanced equipments

In addition, coming to Vprint Pack, customers will get the most competitive price that gives you the highest profit.

At the factory, we equips Offset printers from 1 color, 2 colors to 5 colors. The machines are arranged to run orders depends on the number of colors and difficulty: simple 1 or 2 color printing bags will be run on 1 color / 2 color machine. High quality paper bags are a priority for 5-color machines.Due to the advantages of machinery and equipment, Vprint Pack always prioritizes the best production option to minimize costs for customers who have trusted us.

Since packaging requires good post-print process, Vprint Pack have advanced post-print machines which will give your products a perfect finishing process.

Vprint Pack prints custom products such as:

  • Printed kraft bags
  • Fashion shop bags
  • Food bags.
  • Paper wine container
  • High-class bags,…