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Vprint Pack – Professional designing and printing calendar for Tet 2021 in Binh Duong – Ho Chi Minh City – Dong Nai

Exclusive Tet calendar design

  • Designing exclusive calendar templates according to customers’ needs.
  • Customers provide content, images (if any) and other requirements for the design department to plan the making of the sample.
  • Customers choose a design style for their products, with the advice and execution of the design team. After that, the exclusive Tet calendar concept after the design is sent to customers for modification.
  • At the end, we want to bring our customers satisfaction through the best exclusive calendar designs.

Tet wall calendars

  • Wall calendars come in different types: 1 sheet, 5 sheets, 7 sheets, 13 sheets
  • A multi-sheet calendar is clamped with a spring or a tin clip.
  • One-sheet wall calendar: The calendar is designed and printed the information of 12 months (including lunar and western calendars) on the same sheet of Couche paper weighting 210 gsm – 250 gsm
  • 5-sheet wall calendar: including 1 theme sheet and 4 content sheets containing monthly calendars. Each content sheet includes 3 months of both lunar and western calendar printed on Couche paper 100 gsm – 200 gsm, depending on customer needs.
  • 7-sheet wall calendar: includes 1 theme sheet and 6 content sheets with monthly calendars. Each content sheet includes 2 months of both lunar and western calendar printed on Couche paper 100 gsm – 200 gsm.
  • 13-sheet wall calendar: includes cover sheet with information, 12 inner sheets, corresponding to 12 months of the year. The paper is similar to the 7-sheet wall calendar

Desk calendar

  • Like wall calendars, in addition to providing information and helping calendar users enjoy beautiful photos, some businesses use desk calendars as a souvenir to employees and customers to advertise their company’s brand. Each calendar has the company name, information and images printed on it.
  • These are some types of desktop calendars in the market:
  • A-shape desk calendar: there are many different sizes but usually 19 cm x 22 cm with faux leather base, wooden base or cardboard base,… The calendar content is printed on Couche paper, on 13 sheets or 52 sheets (52-week calendar)
  • M-desk calendar: similar to the A-calendar but with the Note to annotate tasks, dates or highlight important events…

Tet calendar designing and printing

Desk calendar 2021

Tet calendar designing and printing

Exclusive calendar design 2021

Tet calendar designing and printing

Wall calendar 2021