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Vprint Pack | Professional catalogue – brochure printing

For businesses with multiple products, the catalog will be the publication that most exposes to their customer. Therefore, an impressive catalog will not only help customers easily choose products but also help your company’s image deeply stored in customer’s mind.

So, what is a Catalog?

Catalog – brochure is a publication that introduces your company’s products and services to customers in a systematic manner with the necessary information to help them make quick purchasing decisions.

Therefore, the Catalog – brochure is also very important. If you have a very impressively designed and printed catalog (sharp, elegant, full of content you want to convey….), that will be a plus point in your customers approaching . Otherwise, it will give a result that may not be good. 

So how to get a really impressive Catalog? Please contact Vprint Pack for advices about:

  1. How to get a beautiful and effective design for printing?

  2. Paper used for printing catalogs, brochures
  3. The finishing methods (Paper surface treatment, value increase effects on catalog, binding methods,…)

Especially, Vprint Pack specializes in designing and producing special sample books/catalogues for materials in the footwear industry, garment industry, paint industry, etc.




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