What types of medical gloves are there? 

Depending on the use and needs of the user, currently the most commonly used medical gloves are powdered and non-powdered.

  • Powdered medical gloves: gloves that reduce friction between gloves and hands make it easier for users to work. However, when used in a low humidity environment, the powder will absorb moisture on the skin causing dry skin. Moreover, in the food industry, the powder in gloves will stick to food and cause unhygienic food. In addition, some people experience itching or allergies when using gloves made from latex (natural rubber).
  • Powderless medical gloves: overcoming the disadvantages of powdered gloves such as: easy to wear and remove gloves, “no powder” (according to FDA standards), does not cause skin allergies. On the market now available non-powdered rubber gloves such as:
    • Powderless gloves Chlorine (latex rubber): is a natural material, made from rubber. These are popular gloves for protection for medical or industrial use.
      Latex glove box
    • Nitrile Neoprene Gloves: Often called Medical Gloves , are puncture resistant. This product is often used for hospitals and medical organizations.
Nitrile glove box
    • Vinyl gloves:  a popular choice for the food industry, and situations where high levels of durability and protection are less preferred.
Vinyl glove box

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  • Box printing technology: Printed on the technology of modern Offset printers with many colors, standard colors, sharp and this is the printing technology imported from Japan.
  • Post-print processing: The box after printing will be rolled with BOPP film or covered with vanish, UV-coated, embossed-embossed, opaque window … to make the case more attractive and increase durability, moisture resistance, resistance country,…

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