How many paper bags are there in Vietnam market?

  • Shopping Bags: have characteristics of thick, strong, strong. Products printed on coated paper, with a glossy surface: Ivory or Couche (quantitative from 150 gsm – 300 gsm). In particular, it is also possible to use methods to increase product value such as protective BOPP film lamination, foil stamping, embossing, stamping, etc. High-end brand brands selected.

  • Kraft paper bag : also known as recycled paper bag environmental protection. Paper for this bag is made from natural wood fibers, recycled fiber pulp or a combination of both, they are produced in the Kraft process. This type of bag is increasingly used widely due to its advantages of popularity – light – durable – tough – easy to decompose – easy to reuse. Besides, Kraft paper bags also give brands a unique style: close, classic, vintage, … The usual paper weight is from 120 gsm – 180 gsm

  • Non-straps bags SOS bags or  Stand-on-Shelf bags): Non-straps bags are a form of Kraft bags, but they cannot be folded and tied. This bag is often used as a food bag: fruit, fast food, … or jewelry.

Strap straps for wired bag form

Depending on the bag model and brand style of customers. Here are a lot of bag straps to choose from for your product  :

  • Fishbone cotton straps
  • Ribbon
  • Flat paper straps
  • Straps cut
  • Coconut strap
  • Twisted PP strap
  • Twisted paper straps
  • Twisted round parachute straps

Stringing styles for string bags

  • TYPE 1: Pierced goose eyes, open mouth bags: used with all kinds of ropes, ribbons
  • TYPE 2: Tape straps, folding bag mouths: suitable for both cloth and paper cords
  • TYPE 3: Twisted paper straps, bag openings are not folded
  • TYPE 4: Fold the straps and the bag does not fold

Print cheap paper bags Binh Duong

Vprint pack  specializes  in printing paper bags in Binh Duong  according to customer requirements.

Currently at the factory, we are equipped with  Offset printers  from 1 color, 2 colors to 5 colors. The machines are distributed to run orders with the same number of colors and difficulty: simple 1 or 2 color printing bags will be run on 1 color / 2 color machine. High quality paper bags are a priority for 5-color machines.

Because of the advantages of machinery and equipment,  Vprint Pack  always prioritizes the best production option to minimize costs for customers who have trusted us.

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